The craziest football team (ever)

Elpis horterou is a small team somewhere in Serres city that gained publicity when they shared they friendly and joyful madness with the rest of the world on youtube. The hardest laugh i had, took place at 1:13 but you must definitely watch it till the end. Then you might agree that this team is really the craziest football team in the world ever.


Anonymous said...

lol. What is the national division of Elpis?

afl jerseys said...

I don't know where in the world Serres City is, but that is indeed a crazy football team. Nice to see people having so much fun in the sport.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jersey
Serres is a city in North Greece :)

afl store said...

A crazy football team indeed, but you'll find far crazier teams in the video site.

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