the japanese way

Dear japanese visitors: maybe you are upset, maybe you've lost your house or a loved one in the recent disaster and the song sounds too "positive", (at least the melody cause i can't understand the language)

but it suits perfectly for a stubborn nation such as yours, that once again, is giving lessons of discipline, kindness, courage and strongness in the rest of the world :)

Seems the near future will be very tough for you, but the worst part belongs to the past for sure.
Unfortunately, me and many others are very far away to share some of your weights, but ethicaly, we are THERE and we ALWAYS WILL.

If you are planing to visit Rhodes island (aka Rodos or Rhodos) and happens to see a shop window with 3 yashica cameras, stop to say a hi and maybe i'll buy you a cup of greek cold coffee :)

Best Regards!


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